Review: Los Pacaminos at The Cellars at Eastney

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PROOF, if proof were needed, at how sorely the uniqueness of The Cellars will be missed when the venue closes its doors for good in August.

Los Pacaminos delivered a night in the best traditions of the place. It was packed, it was noisy, it was exciting - and it was hotter than a Texan evening with the cicadas in full song.

It is nine years since Paul Young and the boys last crammed onto the postage-stamp stage and, as with all visitors, they referenced with regret the impending closure.

But that apart, this was high-octane joy as the band ran through their heady mix of Tex-Mex, rockabilly, grinding blues and, well, just about every other musical genre you might associate with the American South.

There was some great singalong to be had along the way - the politically incorrect Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette being one of a number belted out with aplomb by the capacity crowd.

Much of their work, it seems, revolves around a tongue-in-cheek delve into the rougher side of life. So for instance Battered & Broozed, from their delightfully-named new album A Fistful of Statins, is about a guy who clearly isn’t going to give up drinking no matter how much he says he has.

A bit like the tradition of the band being served tequilas on stage whilst serenading their audience with the traditional song of that name.

They took a couple of rounds with grateful acknowledgement during their set - and if anything, it seem to spur them on to higher yet-more-uproarious heights.

All too soon we reached ‘The National Anthem of Texas’ - with La Bamba proving a great crescendo to the show. With that, they were gone, as the audience serenaded Los Pacaminos to the strains of Guantanamera.

A great night at The Cellars and one that will live in the memory long after the doors close for good.

Picture: Tequila! via Twitter by @Toya84