Review: Matt Redman at Portsmouth Guildhall

Matt Redman
Matt Redman
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Enjoying a quiet pint in Guildhall Walk before the gig you could hear some interesting comments: ‘Are they all Christians?’, ‘Look at all the Jesus people!’.

A line 1,400-strong filled the Guildhall Square waiting to enjoy what would be a very special night.

Matt Redman opened with a quote from American preacher AW Tozer: ‘There’s a guy called Tozer who said the people of God have always been a little bit noisy!’ and it seems he was right.

From popular songs Dancing Generation and We Are The Free to new material like Mercy, the people of God were very loud indeed.

Matt’s wife, Beth Redman, also gave a message urging people to back the A21 anti-slavery campaign: ‘None of us can change everything but all of us can do something.’

The lights, smoke machines and pogoing crowd you’d expect from a gig were present but it seemed the night was about more than just music. Applause was directed upwards, not straight at the stage and when Matt slipped into the back of the crowd to worship during support act Christy Noccles’s set it became clear that this show was not about the celebrity of those on the stage but about who the crowd was singing to.