REVIEW: Meadowlark at The Talking Heads in Southampton

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THIS was my first time in this intimate and friendly venue. The set-up was like an old-style jazz club but without the smoke.

After two folk support acts Meadowlark had quite a lot of kit to set up. Once the technical issues had been ironed out the duo started with little fanfare. It was quite hard to see them - the set was darkly lit with just seven small and orange flickering lights.

Meadowlark make a really-big thumping folk-electronica sound. It feels like a full band on stage when they are in fact only two - Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley. The duo uses industrial effects, backing tracks, loops, samples and other bits of software magic to make their intriguing and likeable sounds.

In this penultimate gig of the long-awaited Postcards album tour, the singer admitted she was struggling a little with the undoubted quality of her vocals – made harder still against the backdrop of the big effects and noises.

Even though I couldn’t get the video of their flagship song Sunlight out of my head – featuring two Donald Trump figures in white underpants – the live performance did make me feel like I wanted to move around.

Many in the mostly young crowd wanted more. So did I. I spent a pleasant drive home listening to Postcards on CD – I can’t get enough of a good thing!