Review: Moulettes and Nizlopi joint tour at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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‘I love octopuses’ is not a line you normally hear from the usual artists who grace the stage of the Wedgewood Rooms. But then Moulettes and Hannah Miller – their lead vocalist, cellist and guitarist – are not your usual band.

Formed from some kind of weird high-energy mix of Bjork and Kate Bush – with a dash of folk music thrown in – the Brighton-based band love to do things differently.

So, when it comes to writing new albums they don’t pluck for the normal love song. No, they write about creatures. And strange ones, such as the octopus, as well as a rare nematode worm and a mysterious beast ‘the size of the Eiffel Tower’.

Yes, it is bizarre but the songs work. And the three/four-part harmonies are enough to hypnotise an entire crowd. Whoever was in the room when they decided ‘let’s have a singalong’ must have witnessed the birth of something magical.

Co-headliners Nizopli, whose hit JCB reached number one in 2005, feature some immense audience interaction.

Their party piece is to come down into the crowd and play amongst everyone in a circle. It was something everybody loved.

It was such a shame that more people didn’t take advantage of such a wonderful night of music – the Wedge was probably half full. Those who went along had a fantastic time but both bands deserved a much bigger crowd. PAUL FOSTER