Review: Pilot Promotions Presents... at The Fat Fox, Southsea

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This triple bill showcased three very different bands in a highly entertaining evening.

First up were Basingstoke’s FlashFires. They were last this way at Southsea Fest, and it was easy to see how the indie-rockers have grown in confidence in the preceding six months. Pick up their debut EP – it’s well worth a listen.

Next up were Pink Cigar. And any band that sticks a table out of the front of the tiny stage to create a makeshift runway for the singer to ‘prowl’ has got to be aiming high – or at least have a good time trying.

Acting like they’ve escaped from the Hollywood Strip in the late ’80s, and with guitarist Edd Whyte coming on like the long-lost progeny of Johnny Thunders, these boys bring a truck-load of sleazy thrills to the stage.

And singer Sharky Cottrell gets away with his outrageous antics thanks to having his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

On this form, this London four-piece will steal any show they fancy.

Follow Pink Cigar was an unenviable task, but Portchester’s Capital Fuzz certainly didn’t disgrace themselves.

With a, yes, fuzz-fuelled sound, the band create a decent noise that belies their clean-cut image.

It’s no surprise they sold out The Cellars only a week before.