REVIEW: Public Service Broadcasting at Pyramids Centre, Southsea

Public Service Broadcasting onstage at Pyramids Centre, Southsea. Picture: Paul Windsor

The darkened stage is slowly illuminated by Davy lamps to reveal slowly turning miners wheels at either end of the Pyramids’ stage.

Actor Richard Burton’s voice booms out from the PA as Public Service Broadcasting arrive to deliver their latest concept album, Every Valley, based on the declining welsh mining industry.

The story moves onto heavy industry, national health service and working class struggles. It’s an extraordinary visual and aural feast combing narration samples over electro beats that have the packed audience enrapteured for every note.

The mood is further enhanced with the tension of tracks from PSB’s second album The Race For Space, capturing the mood of the Apollo space missions.

For this reviewer of a certain age, it was the soundtrack of my youth combining samples of mission control speech and rarely-seen footage.

It is a stunning unique show, and no doubt Public Service Broadcasting will step up to a bigger stage very soon.Hartily recommended.

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