Review: Reverend and The Makers at The Wedgewood Rooms

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For a group whose biggest track leans on the mantra ‘be like everybody else’, the Reverend and the Makers do different quite well.

After all, which other acts these days are as renowned for their impromptu post-gig turns as what they deliver in their set.

Southsea’s Lawrence Road got the full treatment this time, as traffic was stopped and police descended to contain the late night masses when front man Jon McClure decided to take the party to the streets.

A rendition of Miss Brown and the Specials’ A Message To You while perched on a bin around the back of the Wedgewood Rooms, was the crowning glory of a triumphant return to the city for the Rev.

It followed a sold out performance which lived up to all the expectations.

You see, the Reverend and Pompey just seem to be a good fit for each other.

‘You’re like northerners, even though you’re southerners,’ said McCLure in awe after a thumping rendition of Bassline was given a riotous response.

Of course, their most renowned hit Heavyweight Champion of the World went down a storm, as McCLure jabbed his way through proceedings while eyeing the crowd.

The Machine, Silence is Talking and a swaying Sex With The Ex were other highlights for an outfit whose social commentary speaks to these parts.