Review: Road to Blissfields, The Cellars, Eastney


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Road to... was a battle of the bands-style affair to give a local act the chance to play at this year’s Blissfields Festival.

Becky Jerams was up first, and she ably demonstrated why she’s becoming increasingly in demand for her songwriting skills. She has a classic pop sensibility, pithy lyrics, and a big voice.

Amazingly this was Gosport trio Popobawa’s first ever gig, but you wouldn’t have known. Their everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach was fun, the tunes were catchy and they got the best crowd reaction of the night.

SABRE provided decent modish indie fare, and you could see the potential lurking in their large array of guitar effects pedals.

But it was last act of the night, The B of the Bang who ultimately took the honours. As the old hands on the bill, BotB have built a strong following for their brand of expansive rock. Wit is a compelling frontman, backed by a well-drilled band that carefully constructed its walls of sound.

While there could only be one winner on the night, this gig highlighted just how much talent we have got in this area.