REVIEW: Saint Raymond at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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Opening act Shannon Saunders came on stage the moment I arrived. Her powerful vocals washed across me. Her voice instantly brought with it a hint of Lana Del Rey mixed with Paloma Faith.

It was emotive with a synth background, accompanied by exceptional use of echo effects – she opened the evening in a jaw dropping way.

The second act met us with an indistinguishable wall of sound. Granted they were suffering from a case of technical difficulties, however the lead singer met it with anger and lost the sympathy of the crowd. A shame.

These problems resurfaced for the headline act, Saint Raymond, who met the problems head on with a quick-witted tongue. When all the equipment balanced, the quality of the music truly shone through.

The most striking thing about Saint Raymond isn’t the beautifully sculpted lyrics but the deeper meanings beneath them. When he brought Saunders back on stage for a duet their voices were fantastically matched and the effect was spine tingling.

With a good mix of moods within his stylised sound he was as captivating during his solo pieces as he was accompanied.

Carrying across the same energy, he kept everyone engaged across his 90 minute set.

Saint Raymond definitely earned his self given title.