Review: She Makes War at The Cellars at Eastney

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Ami Amp is certainly earning her keep on this tour – as drummer and singer for support act Forgery Lit, she then puts in a second shift as She Makes War’s drummer too.

But Forgery Lit certainly deserve your attention, when operating at full throttle, their grunge-hued power pop is an impressive beast.

She Makes War is essentially Laura Kidd, but she performs here as a trio, duo and solo, as the songs demand. While she describes what she does as gloom-pop, it in fact roams freely over the musical map, taking in elements of grunge, folk and indie-rock.

And she has the ability to hit the emotional nail on the head as new song, Please Don’t, with just Kidd on guitar and a mournful violin for accompaniment, perfectly demonstrates.

Meanwhile, Delete features her performing alone, looping vocals to create the bed for a song about alienation in the digital age, ending with Kidd bellowing through a megaphone.

Given her between song ‘jabber’, it’s no surprise to learn that she is putting together a show built around her music for this year’s Edinburgh Festival. The dark humour of her between-song anecdotes offers the ideal counterpoint to the bruising nature of the songs.

Unique is an overused adjective, but I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone like She Makes War.

It’s just a shame that so few people were at The Cellars to see it.