REVIEW: Shed Seven, The Pyramids, Southsea

Shed Seven at The Pyramids, December 7, 2015. Picture by Paul Windsor
Shed Seven at The Pyramids, December 7, 2015. Picture by Paul Windsor
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Crikey, can it really be 20 years since the last great rock music revolution to hit these shores? Namely the phenomenon of Britpop.

There have been few survivors, with Liam and Noel safely tucked away in their millionaire mansions, boring us with their insubstantial solo offerings, only Blur, with their triumphant Isle of Wight show this summer could rightfully claim the place at the top table.

Slipping under the radar however, on this performance are Shed Seven. At the time, perhaps because as they were from the wrong side of the Pennines (York) or rarely drank at the trendy Camden watering holes, perhaps they never got the recognition they deserved.

Lead singer Rick Witter, certainly has star quality in bucket loads.

Unlike the rest of us 50-year-olds in the audience, he appears to have been cryogenically preserved in 1995 – still stick thin, snake-hipped, full of attitude and still has a great voice.

Opening with a riotous Friday, the band are in top form and have plenty of great songs in the locker, including Speakeasy, Dolphin, and a rousing encore of Chasing Rainbows.

A couple of years ago they played a fantastic mid-afternoon set at Victorious Festival,if the organisers had any sense, I suggest next year they should be a bit further up the bill.