Review: Showaddywaddy, The Kings Theatre, Southsea

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‘Are you ready to rock and roll?’ hollered lead singer Andy Pelos as Showaddywaddy launched into their performance at The Kings. It was a pretty redundant question.

The theatre was packed and the long-time favourites were among friends as they belted out hit after hit. The Kings was not designed for jiving but long before ‘Dancin’ Party’ turned up on the set list, many fans were up and strutting their stuff to the hits of yesteryear.

It’s remarkable to think that Showaddywaddy were formed more than 40 years ago and even then their music was in the nostalgia bracket as their 1950s throwback act propelled them to stardom.

So their show now is for all ages - those still with us who remember the likes of When, Under the Moon of Love and You Got What it Takes from the first time around, what seems to be the majority of their audience, namely those who were raised on the reworking of those classics, and a fair smattering of younger fans too.

Young or old, they all share one ability - a seemingly perfect recall of every word to every song.

So it’s very much a sing-along-a-Showaddywaddy. We had loads of yeah yeahs and do-wah-diddys and even the odd wop-bop-a-loo-bop or two.

At one point thirty or so audience members were up on the stage itself, the band submerged in a sea of dancers as the music thumped on.

It’s good, simple stuff - the brand of rock and roll that is maybe a tad fluffy but definitely feelgood. For their fans, they quite simply have what it takes.

‘I reckon Showaddywaddy will be still be here for the 50th anniversary’ ventured Pelos at one point. Wouldn’t bet against that one either.