Review: Spinnaker Comedy Club, Waterfront Cafe, Gunwharf Quays

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First on, Australian Benny Boot’s drawling style warmed the crowd up nicely. Now we know how to carry out assassinations by cat and why Benny has mirrors by his bed.

But current Scottish Comedian of the Year Larry Dean was the star of the night. His style was a bit close to the knuckle for some in the audience, but his riffing on his sexuality (he’s gay), his family’s willingness to bet on anything and the perils of playing a gig to just seven people was very funny.

Headliner Tony Law’s surreal scattergun approach yielded some gems – the African and Indian elephants who walk into a bar, seen from the perspective of the bar’s patrons and then from the elephants’, and milking his cat’s death for laughs.

But unfortunately, his set was cut short by his need to dash for a train and he never seemed to quite hit full stride.