Review: Suede at Southampton Guildhall

The Handsome Family. Picture by Brandon Soder

Life Through The Trees is looking handsome at 20

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These days there are scented candles among the merchandise and a few more grey hairs on the audience’s heads.

After all, we’re so much older. And then Brett Anderson bounds on like he’s discovered some powerful elixir.

The years melt away as he climbs all over the set, lassoes the mic perfectly around his slightly less wiry (but only just) frame and gets up close with the audience.

This frontman has lost none of his charisma and seems to be loving Suede’s return – not your average 90s revival.

The band’s comeback has substance. Album Bloodsports is a return to form and there’s no uneasy shuffling or checking of watches through tracks like Hit Me and It Starts And Ends With You.

Standout tracks were the soaring Sabotage and truly beautiful For the Strangers.

And in what Brett says is a trial run, the band play the entire album in order before taking a brief break.

Then it goes into nostalgia overdrive with a run through the band’s first 10 singles in chronological order.

To an electric atmosphere, they launch into hits from the first three albums, kicking off with The Drowners from way back in 1992. Animal Nitrate, So Young, Trash and New Generation follow and get the crowd jumping.

They finish with a blistering Beautiful Ones making sure everyone leaves with a smile on their faces.

As for those candles, who knows, there might have been a point. Probably smell quite nice too.