REVIEW: Teleman at the Wedgewood Roooms, Southsea

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Tom Jones

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Teleman are quite an odd band. They have little to no stage presence but their specific blend of faultless pop makes it near-on impossible not to get sucked in.

They played their recent single Tangerine early on, which got a great response from the crowd.

The London popsters then continued to zip effortlessly through their debut record and with each song Thomas Sanders’ voice was right on the button. His brother Jonny whipped up some quirky noises on the opposite side of the stage.

A real highlight was Drop Down, mainly because they felt like they were straying away from the confines of their catchy pop formula, and jamming a little bit in the middle - and it worked really well.

Teleman reached Düsseldorf at the end of their set, which was undoubtedly the song most had been waiting to hear.

The whole band completely nailed it from start to finish.

After a brief gap, they came out for two more songs, wrapping up their show with Glory Hallejulah.

The song had an avalanche of hooks and was played perfectly.