Review: The 1975 at Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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Anything that includes Sex and Chocolate surely has to be a good thing.

Unfortunately for The 1975, those two songs are far and away their best tunes, although it’s a maybe little unfair to judge the bulk of the set on a first hearing with their debut album still in the offing.

Either way, the Manchester outfit seem destined for bigger things with this Wedge sell-out set to be followed by bigger gigs and gargantuan album sales.

They tread a fine line between choppy indie guitars and punk-funk that’s reminiscent of the late ‘80s and occasionally (but not too often) throwing in a chorus so catchy you wonder if JLS have offered them song-writing tips.

However, large portions of the set still sound fairly pedestrian and, while songs like The City and You show they do have more quality in their locker, they need another couple of stunners to really take off.

If they rely too heavily for too long on Sex and Chocolate, they may come to a sticky end.