Review: The Cash Collection, The Wedgewood Rooms

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If the late, great Johnny Cash was looking down on Southsea last night, I reckon he might well have doffed his wide-brimmed hat towards the stage at the Wedgewood Rooms.

Likewise the audience at the venue, who showed their appreciation to The Cash Collection during a guitar-twanging, gravel-voiced journey down a musical memory lane.

PJ Walker gave us the deep, deep drawl and his wife Maureen the sassy June Carter side of the outfit. Together with their talented band they served up hit after Johnny Cash hit, plus a few lesser-known numbers.

It wasn’t perhaps the most polished set ever performed on the Wedgewood stage but that surely was in keeping with the rough and ready nature of the Man in Black himself.

The setting was perfect - low lights and bare tables are the ideal accompaniment to good old country music.

All in all, a great show. On one hand, you can’t go wrong with the likes of Walk the Line and the Cocaine Blues, but on the other, they are darned difficult to get across with anything of the unique panache in which they were sung by the great man himself.

To their credit, the Cash Collection managed that - they are true Johnny Cash fans who obviously get pleasure themselves, as well as giving it others, by helping to maintain the legacy live on stage.