REVIEW: The Lindisfarne Story, Kings Theatre. Southsea

Former Lindisfarne members Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw
Former Lindisfarne members Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw
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It was the last thing I expected, but by the end of The Lindisfarne Story I was welling up.

Run for home is an epic song full of nostalgia and yearning.

It has a joyous killer chorus, and it was memories of singing along at concerts past that did it.

That, and the poignant sight of former Lindisfarne members Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw on stage, gazing up at themselves on a big screen performing one of the band’s most memorable hits.

The duo led an extraordinary evening of rock ‘n’ roll rags to riches memories, painting a vivid picture of their particular part in a slice of Britain’s musical heritage, with some cheeky backstage tales and plenty of fun.

Most people know Fog on The Tyne, Lady Eleanor and Meet Me on the Corner, but Tyneside band Lindisfarne were far more than the sum of a few hits.

Their unique blend of folk and rock, sometimes wistful, often edgy and political, always entertaining, deserves this fond tribute.

Billy and Ray interspersed their anecdotes and memories with acoustic versions of the band’s music, illustrated with archive pictures, video and audio.

Warm tributes were paid to songwriter Alan Hull, who died in 1995 and fellow band cornerstone Simon Cowe, who died recently.

Billy and Ray have the rapport of two old guys who have known each other since youth. They have a great tale to tell, and great songs to sing. Nostalgia won’t always be this good.