Review: The Will Pound Band at the Square Tower

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For those who think roots music is stuck in the past, they really should check out Will Pound.

Will is an harmonica player, leading a four-piece band of talented players.

With his instrument often taking the place of a singing voice in these compositions, Will displays some incredible dexterity, but also allows the others room to shine.

John Parker (also one half of Nizlopi – of JCB Song fame) on double-bass, is particularly impressive, and also cracks out some brilliant beat-boxing.

Will interprets tunes from bluegrass through to Morris dancing, traditional folk and even hymns, each time adding his own spin. I’ve certainly never heard Amazing Grace quite like this before.

The band take the traditional but bring it quite resolutely into the present. Kudos too to fiddle player Henry Webster and guitarist Chris Sarjeant.

The harmonica is not often heard as the lead instrument for an entire set, but on this evidence, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen more often.