Review: Twenty One Pilots at the Guildhall, Portsmouth

Twenty One Pilots Portsmouth Guildhall. Picture by Alice Mills
Twenty One Pilots Portsmouth Guildhall. Picture by Alice Mills
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Transviolet opened up the night.

They are a fantastic American band I’d never heard before, yet they had such a familiar feel.

Their energy and passion won the crowd over instantaneously.

Their performance rousing and serious, they charmed us all off of our feet like snakes coming out of a basket.

If you weren’t sold by lead singer Sarah Mctaggart’s beautiful command of lyrics, her drum kit acrobatics won you over.

Then Twenty One Pilots made their entrance.

I was surprised to hear the band’s most recent stuff so early on in their set, something I’ve not witnessed often at gigs.

But I tell you right now, it worked.

They had everyone up on their feet from the first song and it only got better.

They were infectious with their commitment to the music.

Drummer Josh Dun gave a performance above and beyond anything that could have been expected.

Multiple trips into the audience on platforms meant they took crowd-surfing to a new level.

For me, and definitely the people I spoke with in the bar afterwards, it was an incredible night all round.

A band not to be missed.