Review: UB40 at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Somewhat disappointed by the lack of support band – the DJ was fun but not what was expected at such an anticipated show – UB40 took to the stage, but without original singer Ali Campbell, who left the band in 2008.

Brothers Duncan and Robin Campbell now share vocals in this version of UB40 and though they do this well, the show was initially lacking the charisma and energy that I was hoping would emerge from such an established band.

Robin shouts to the crowd of loyal fans: ‘Just ‘cos your ticket says you have a seat doesn’t mean you have to use it. Unless you’re old like me…. Get up and dance, let’s have a party!’

This encouraged a few more dancers, however the set didn’t really seem to liven up until two thirds in, with Food For Thought.

Immediately followed by 1 in 10, the classics then started rolling in, pleasing the fans who had decided that they didn’t need their seat after all.

Despite the differences amongst the band members over the years, UB40 remain a well rehearsed and unique band. Finishing off with favourites Kingston Town and Can’t Help Falling In Love, it was an ending worth waiting for, despite the slow start.