Review: Whole Lotta Led at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea

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‘After 19 years, Whole Lotta Led is the UK’s longest running Led Zeppelin tribute act’, shouts lead singer Lee Pryor, aka Robert Plant.

After this performance, I can see why. Pryor grabs our attention from the start as the band open with Good Times, Bad Times. His charisma and energy is contagious and he has the ability to engage with the crowd with the familiarity of an old friend. To add to this, Pryor’s powerful voice emulates Plant’s own; and with a voice like Plant’s, he has big shoes to fill.

Nothing beats the sound of a bass guitar being played well, as bassist, Geoff Hunt, proves tonight during Dazed and Confused.

In fact, the sound at The Wedge was fantastic, a point that was emphasized by the solos from lead guitarist, Nick Ferris, who proved that he has no qualms following in Jimmy Page’s footsteps, especially during Heartbreaker.

‘You can tell what’s coming next by the two-neck Gibson that Ferris is putting on’, smiles Pryor, and with that, Ferris impresses us further as Stairway to Heaven commences.

Every song played tonight exceeded my expectations. Keeping Led Zeppelin alive through live music can be a difficult feat, however Whole Lotta Led undoubtedly bring us the next best thing to Led Zeppelin themselves.