REVIEW: You Me At Six at the Guildhall, Southampton

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The well-known English rock band You Me At Six played at Southampton’s Guildhall last night, and I’ve never left a concert feeling fully satisfied – until now.

The band began with one of their older and more popular songs, When We Were Younger, creating a dramatic entrance and an exciting, electric buzz for everyone, especially those who have followed the band for a long time.

I find it rare that an artist’s voice can sound even better live than it does on recorded songs, but Josh Francheschi proved my original theory wrong.

The charismatic frontman was constantly engaging with the crowd and even gave his views on Donald Trump running for president, telling the crowd it’s wrong to say it’s okay to be homophobic, racist and misogynistic.

He also said: ‘Put your middle fingers up to the world because the problems that penetrate your lives can’t get you tonight!’

The lighting display matched the drumbeats perfectly throughout the show, demonstrating the hard work and planning that went on behind the scenes.

You Me At Six are due to release their new album Night People in January.