Rhod Gilbert at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Welshman Rhod mined comic gold in this two-and-a-half hour barnstormer.

I laughed so much my face ached as Rhod escalated mild annoyances and innocent encounters into episodes of relentless hilarity.

A narrative thread explains how he became The Man with the Flaming Battenburg tattoo merely to prove a point, and how, ultimately, it became a turning point in his life.

He unravels a tale beset by his self-confessed argumentative and petty nature which means buying a jacket potato in a supermarket spins off into surreal and absurd realms.

He tells how he has tried to transform his life by keeping an anger management diary, and repeatedly reads extracts to illustrate how well, or not, it is working.

Rhod is a TV regular, and material is not infinite, but the unexpurgated tale of receiving the gift of an electric toothbrush was infinitely funnier than anything seen on the box.

He’ll plant an idea and return to it later, for bigger laughs, go off at ludicrous tangents and somehow wend his way back to his point.

And his timing is so perfect he can get a laugh merely by picking up his diary at the right moment.

Rhod’s a comic in his prime – catch him while you can.