Road to Blissfields at the Edge of the Wedge, Southsea

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The Edge was absolutely packed as four of the city’s finest musical talents went head to head to for a chance to perform at the 2012 Blissfields Festival.

The night opened with the wondrous acoustic stylings of Laurel Cullen, who never fails to impress. I am a huge fan of this young lady, her angelic vocals and beautiful lyrics are truly out of this world. The brash, in-your-face, ravenous rock of Kodiak Jack was up next. Their blazing performance had the crowd rocking along.

Third to take the stage was the superb Forrest Floors, I love their pithy, indie-rock sound, and as they cruised through their outstanding set, it was clear the crowd did too.

Big Top were the final band to squeeze on to the stage, sending the venue into a frenzy with their distinctive style, there was even a mini mosh pit happening. Having witnessed the talent on display, I was glad I was not the one having to choose a winner. As the judges went of to compare notes, the winners of last year’s competition, Bear Cavalry, hit the stage. With the results in, it was Big Top who were announced as the winners.