Sam wins living room show by jessica Clemmons

Jessica Clemmons
Jessica Clemmons
Hats off to Led Zeppelin performing live. Picture by Trev Earl

Doffing the cap to one of the all-time greats – Led Zeppelin – at The Spring in Havant

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When Sam Moss went to see The Overtones at Portsmouth Guildhall in December, she was so impressed with the support act that she decided to follow Jessica Clemmons on Facebook.

Little did Sam know that this simple act of social networking would lead to Texan singer-songwriter Jessica coming to North End to perform a show in her home.

Jessica will perform for 26-year-old Sam and her friends and family tonight after Sam entered a competition she saw on Jessica’s Facebook page.

It’s one of a number of dates on her living room tour which will see Jessica perform in the homes of fans from Somerset to Scotland.

Says the singer: ‘As a new and independent artist, it’s important to find different ways to reach your fans.

‘And it’s extremely important to get the fans’ participation. That’s what we’re doing with these living room shows – taking it to a whole new level.

‘And it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to reach new fans as well. The competition winners are all fans, obviously, and they invite 10 to 20 people, sometimes more.

‘Me and my guitarist play for 45 minutes to an hour and we just have a great time.’

Says winner Sam: ‘It really took me by surprise when I heard I’d won. I live with my parents and my dad’s thinking of doing a barbecue.’

The living room shows continue across the country throughout July.

Then, on August 5, Jessica releases her new single, Loving This Day – the title track from her second album.

These are exciting times for Jessica, a previous American Idol auditionee who has been praised by Beyoncé. And Sam is excited too. She says: ‘I can’t wait. It’s going to be great.’