Scouting For Girls on the road with greatest hits

Scouting For Girls.
Scouting For Girls.
Charmed Life Festival in 2017

Charmed Life Festival returns to Portsmouth

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After six years of storming the charts, it was about time for a Greatest Hits album and Scouting For Girls have obliged.

Now they’re following up this year’s release of their biggest tracks with a tour that comes to Portsmouth Guildhall on Monday.

The album features two new songs – including Millionaire which was released in July – alongside favourites such as She’s So Lovely, Heartbeat and Elvis Ain’t Dead.

Over the course of three albums, Scouting For Girls have gone from playing pubs in Harrow and Ruislip to headlining Wembley Arena.

‘It’s still about the songs and only about the songs,’ muses Greg. ‘We play music for the sake of music, not celebrity. If we hadn’t been successful, we’d still be rehearsing every Friday night at wherever would have us.’

After two years of touring, Everybody Wants To Be On TV soared into the charts, This Ain’t A Love Song gave them their first number one single (‘a real turning point; we knew then we weren’t going to go away,’ remembers Roy) and by 2011 they were headlining Wembley Arena, a few miles from their modest beginnings.

Tickets are £22.50. Visit or call (0844) 847 2362.