Snowman sequel was a dream project for Andy

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Ahead of his show at the Wedgewood Rooms on Tuesday, Winchester-born former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows tells JODIE JEYNES what he’s been up to with We Are Scientists, Carl Barat, Tom Odell, Tom Smith and solo.

We hear you’re living in New York now. How come?

Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows

We moved over here last year, so I could be with the We Are Scientists guys. We made our fourth album here last summer, with Chris Coady. Also figured it’d be an exciting move. Since we moved though, I’ve spent more time in Europe promoting my record than I’ve spent being here in NYC.

So, is your latest song, Hometown, about New York or Winchester?

It’s definitely got Winchester in mind. That’s where I wrote the song, whilst I was still in Razorlight. I was staying with my dad. We were in his garden, watching the little prop planes fly over us. The song just kinda popped in to my head then.

You’ve been working with some other artists from around this area, like The Libertines’s Carl Barat (from Basingstoke). Tell us about that.

Carl is an old friend. He came over to New York last summer so we could write together. We wrote a cool song. Hopefully we’ll write some more for his album.

And Brit winner Tom Odell, from Chichester?

We wrote a few songs together. He’s a hugely talented young chap! I’m very excited about what’s in the future for him... We wrote a track called Siren, which is on his forthcoming debut LP. Tom is ace.

You’re working with Tom Smith of The Editors again too?

Yes. It probably won’t be ’til next year but I can’t wait. Writing with Tom is awesome. He’s my best chum, so it’s so cool working together. I loved doing the Funny Looking Angels album.

Speaking of Christmas albums, did you ever imagine you’d be compared to Aled Jones?

Ha! Never!!!

Why did you decide to get involved with the music for The Snowman Sequel, The Snowman and The Snowdog?

It was a dream project. I was a huge fan of the original film. They had done such an incredible and tasteful job with this sequel. The animation was just so beautiful. There was no way I would ever have questioned doing it.

It was the most inspiring project to get involved in.

You’ve really been spreading yourself around since leaving Razorlight (I Am Arrows, We Are Scientists, Smith & Burrows, solo, writing for other artists, drumming for other artists, film soundtracks, charity projects...). Do you ever miss the simple days of just being a drummer/songwriter in a band?

Sometimes perhaps yep. But, on the whole, this is far more exciting... and more than I could’ve ever dreamed of doing. Getting to collaborate with all these different wonderful musicians, on all sorts of different things, it’s amazing. I feel very lucky to be experiencing it all.

Would you ever perform with Razorlight again?

Maybe. But I doubt it’s on the cards. We haven’t spoken since I left.

Are you looking forward to getting back on the road to tour Company?

Very much so. Very excited to be singing these songs and getting out to play live with my band.

What can we expect from the shows?

Hopefully a lovely vibey evening of good tunes. Some from Company and perhaps one or two from other projects. We all swap instruments once or twice. There’s lots going on. Gonna be fun!

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