Son of a seventh son has got his mojo rising

Mud Morganfield
Mud Morganfield
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Blues royalty makes its way to Portsmouth when Muddy Waters eldest son plays at The Cellars.

Mud Morganfield, eldest son of the undisputed King of the Blues, Muddy Waters has been delivering his charismatic Chicago blues of the highest order to audiences around the world.

Stunned audiences from Russia, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Mexico and the UK have already experienced the Mud effect.

He looks and sounds strikingly like his old man, so much so the one of his dad’s former sidemen said: ‘It’s like watching a ghost in the flesh!’

Mud, however also has his own very individual mojo working – whether delivering a testosterone laden strut or a classic shuffle – and will be coming to the UK to tour with the UK’s very own top blues talent.

He mixes up the sets with his dad’s classic songs and his own original material.

As Mud puts it: ‘I started to sing to show the world that dad left me here.

‘I love and am proud to sing his songs just like I love and will always be proud of him.

‘I’m not Muddy Waters and I’m certainly not trying to be Muddy Waters.

‘I’m Mud Morganfield but when I’m up on stage I always feel Pops is there with me and it means so much that I can get on stage and keep his music alive around the world.’

He’s at The Cellars in Eastney on Wednesday. Doors at 7.30pm. Ticket £15 advance, £17 on the door.

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