Soul classics from the 60s at newly refurbished Cellars

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A celebration of local bands from the 1960s will be the first show at the refurbished Cellars at Eastney this year.

Pompey Pop – A Celebration will see Sons of Man, Harlem Speakeasy, Coconut Mushroom, Soul Society, Rivals, St Louis Checks and Rosemary play mid ’60s R’n’B and soul classics from 7.30pm tomorrow.

It will be the Cellars’s first gig of the year, after closing from New Year’s Day for a refurbishment.

Cellars promoter Steve Pitt, says: ‘We’ve taken part of the bar out to improve the view for all. We’ve got new flooring and complete redecoration. In 2006, we refurbished to become part-pub, part-music venue. Now we’ve done away with the last bits of pubness and now we’re just a very plush music venue.’

The audience tomorrow will include members of many more current and past groups of the ’60s and local experts on music of the era.

‘Some of these guys had recording contracts and many still play,’ says music historian Dave Allen from Old Portsmouth.

‘If you can remember the 60s, you’re still there,’ he laughs.

On the door donations to The Rowans Hospice.