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They’re noisy, they’re fuzzy, and as anyone who’s seen them recently can testify, they certainly know how to whip up a crowd.

And the Portsmouth duo Rickyfitts will be taking the headline honours at Strong Island Recordings’ first ever label Christmas Party at The Cellars in Eastney tomorrow.

With doors opening at 1pm, the day-long show features 11 of the hottest bands around, including Dead Rabbits, Wyldest, The boy i used to be, Curxes, Fever, Death Of The Author, Elephantantrum, Nevermind Me, Bittertown Mary’s and Verletzt. The Champagne Justice DJs will be on the decks throughout the day.

Although entry is free, the organisers are asking for donations of non-perishable food, which will then be given to the local food banks.

Brad Sked, Strong Island Records’ label manager, says: ‘It’s a win-win situation for everyone. It’s still effectively free, but if someone wants to bring a big bag of food, that’s great, and if they can only bring one tin, then that’s fine too.’