Take cover as Seething Akira launch an Airstrike at The Joiners

Sething Akira hit the road
Sething Akira hit the road
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You can’t accuse the members of Seething Akira of not suffering for their art.

In the video for new single Airstrike, the Portsmouth-based hardcore-dubstep act got into the ring with a bunch of wrestlers, and the results are messy to say the least.

Band founder Charlie Bowes explains how the shoot came about: ‘I go to Gym 01 in Portsmouth which is a mixed martial arts gym.

‘I’m not a fighter, but I go down there and train. and I know a lot of the guys there.

‘The thought process was that we want to be a fun band as well – everyone’s mega serious all the time, everyone’s miserable right now and trying to be rock stars.

‘We thought wouldn’t it be funny to get in the octagon with a bunch of fighters from the gym dressed as wrestlers from the ’90s.

We want to be a fun band as well – everyone’s mega serious all the time, everyone’s miserable right now and trying to be rockstars

Charlie Bowes of Seething Akira

‘We’ve got some extremely good MMA fighters in the city. It’s not so fortunate for us,’ Charlie laughs, ‘as we were getting slammed all over the place.

‘Our singer Kit whinged quite a lot and cried like a girl, but it was fine. They were gentle with us.’

Seething Akira have been around for a few years now, having evolved from Charlie’s earlier incarnation as a hip-hop producer.

‘It was basically bedroom production,’ he says, ‘but I really wanted to get away from doing standard stuff and make my own sort of sound.

‘There’s been influences from electronic stuff, I was into a lot of ’90s dance – it was originally going to be kind of electronic with nu-metal, sad as that sounds.

‘I wanted to get out live as well, so I pulled the band together with our vocalist Kit and we’ve had various different drummers and guitarists along the way.’

The five-piece, completed by Stu Radcliffe on drums, Harvey Ware on guitar and Terry Brown on bass, have recently completed a Europe and UK tour with reformed San Francisco funk-metallers Mordred.

And breaking beyond their hometown has been important to the band: ‘That really is the goal.

‘It’s something we’ve been working extremely hard on for the last four/five years, and it’s all started to come to fruition at the back end of last year.

‘We’ve done bucketloads of festivals, touring with Mordred, and we’ve got the new single out.’

And the band are already looking ahead – they hope to have a new EP out before the end of the year.

Catch them at The Joiners in Southampton on Wednesday, doors open 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5. Go to joiners.vticket.co.uk.