Teddy Thompson at Joiners, Southampton

Paradise Lost. Picture: Danny Payne

REVIEW: Paradise Lost at Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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I’d been to The Joiners in Southampton many times, but usually for raucous rock acts, so I was intrigued as to how it would work for more low key, singer-songwriter performances.

Once I eventually made it inside the venue (the queue was long and the gig clearly sold out), David Ford had already taken the stage. Having seen David play in Portsmouth over the last couple of years, I was well prepared for his set – looping sounds to build music and then singing his often vitriolic lyrics over the top.

As always, he was hugely entertaining even though, crammed at the back, the sound was often muffled.

When Teddy Thompson stepped up to perform, you could feel the ladies in attendance start to swoon. His time in the US has clearly helped his charming Brit persona and it can’t hurt to look like Paul Bettany either…

As such, it was all the more odd for so much of Thompson’s set to be country music, although, once you got past the anachronism and just listened, a superb songsmith was revealed. Although his new tunes were too fresh to excite, older favourites such as Shine So Bright elicited cheers.