The Drums at the Pyramids Centre, Southsea

Have a rare slice of Humble Pie & Vinyl on Record Store Day

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So now we know. If Morrissey had grown up in Brooklyn in the 2000s, he’d have had a blonde fringe and sung about surfing and death.

But while The Drums’ debt to The Smiths and the ‘80s in general is there for all to see they have moved on a fair bit over the past year.

They have abandoned their early anthem, Let’s Go Surfing, completely and their latest album, Portamento, sees them in much more downbeat mood.

Songs like Book Of Revelation, Please Don’t Leave, How It Ended and mini-hit single Money are built on layers of driving basslines, surging synths and vocal harmonies. But there’s a darker edge these days. The Drums, it seems, have grown up.

Frontman Jonny Pierce looks like he could have been in any fey British pop band.

And live, it’s all so much more enjoyable .