The Hold Steady at Southampton University

The Hold Steady
The Hold Steady
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OPENERS Wintersleep were unknown to the majority of the audience, but hooked people with their expansive sound and then blew them away with their set-closer, the phenomenal Miasmal Smoke.

Between songs they plugged the vibrant yellow T-shirts they’d ordered for the tour and seemingly regretted (though there were a few people wearing them by the end of the night).

Drummer Loal Campbell played like a man with his gun to his head and the sheer musicianship of this band blew everyone away.

Having only two acts on the tour allowed the bands a lot more playing time, which is why I was shocked to hear The Hold Steady play Stuck Between Stations, one of their most popular numbers, as only the second track of the night. They then proceeded to rip through tracks from their most recent release, peppered with the odd classic. Frontman Craig Finn danced like a dad at a wedding, but the group’s act was a little samey, lacking the diversity of their support act, but hugely entertaining nonetheless.