The Staves at The Wedgewood Rooms

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A hush descended upon the Wedgewood Rooms as The Staves took to the stage and their melodic harmony filled the room.

For anybody looking to relax and let the music lull you into a mesmerised state, then The Staves’s wonderful three-part harmony certainly fits the bill.

Having been warmed-up by the charming Christof Music and Portsmouth’s very own Hall of Mirrors, the crowd were suitably mellow.

Hall of Mirrors haunting vocals and ability to hit such high notes were an act to follow but sister group The Staves wowed the crowd with their perfectly married vocals.

They were plugging their new EP, The Motherlode, which is hopefully a prelude to a full-track album.

The group have been tipped for good things and I’m sure they will pick up more fans as their set-list grows.

Their music is simply lovely, sweet and easy to listen to. Notable songs include the gorgeous Mexico and mesmerising Winter Song.

They returned to the stage for an encore of Dead & Born & Grown with Christof and then a beautiful In The Long Run.

They finished saying ‘I hope you come back for more’.

I will definitely be back for more and look forward to an imminent album.