‘There’s nothing like a home town show’

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Last year they played across the globe, in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and Kuwait. They also supported New York Dolls on their UK tour at the band’s personal request.

This year, things have got even better for Gosport-based band Melodramas.



They’ve recorded their debut EP, Kids, with multi-platinum producer Sam Williams (Supergrass, Plan B, Noisettes) and they released it on Monday, with five-star reviews and special selections in the national music press.

All this has been achieved with no record-label backing. Bass player Greg Cessford says: ‘In the past, we were putting out demos recorded in a garage. The Kids EP is the culmination of all the hard work of a couple of years. This is our baby and we’ve ludicrously proud of it.’

The four-piece played a gig at Waster in Portsmouth on Friday and, having played in London Brighton and Southampton already this week, they return to Portsmouth for a gig at the Edge of the Wedge in Southsea tonight.

Frontman Matt Woolway says: ’It may sound like a cliché but – having played in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh – there’s still nothing quite like a home town show.

‘The Edge of the Wedge show has sold out a week in advance, so it’s going to be a good night.’

Greg adds: ‘I can’t wait for that show. It’ll bookend what’s been an incredible journey for this EP.’

The four-track EP has been released through Portsmouth label Jelly Maid. It was recorded in Oxford at Coldroom Studios, where bands like Radiohead have worked, and also in Templesound Studios, the converted church studio of producer Sam Williams.

Greg explains: ‘I remember a few years ago Matt said he’d love to have the opportunity to work with Sam Williams. He produced Supergrass’s I Should Coco, which was one of the a timeless British albums from the 1990s. So, we emailed him on a whim saying what were about and how we’d love to work with him and we got a call back within an hour.’

Adds Matt: ‘Meeting Sam was terrifying but working with him was magnificent. He totally understands Melodramas and told me he thought our band was the most exciting he had heard in the last 10 years.

‘We’re both people who want to make interesting pop music and our personalities just clicked.’

Working with Sam also threw up another exciting opportunity for the band as Sam was also working on the new album by Gaz Coombes of Supergrass.

Matt explains: ‘Sam played Gaz the tracks we were working on and he really liked them. Our song Betelgeuse has a real ‘Coco’ vibe and, when we were struggling to nail a backing vocal, he stepped in and offered to help.

‘I still have a poster of him in our rehearsal room – the guy is a legend.’

The band have also been writing with Sam and together they’ve produced a track called Somedays.

Matt explains: ‘I’m currently recording the vocals at Sam’s studio. We’re very excited to be writing music with Sam. He’s worked with Plan B, amongst others, so I’m happy he wants to get involved in our creative process.’

Concludes Greg: ‘I don’t think I’d have believed it if they’d said on day one that this is where we’d be in four years time.

‘This EP was a massive labour of love. If it all ends tomorrow, at least I’ve got something in my hand to show for what I’ve been doing.’

Melodramas are at the Edge of the Wedge in Albert Road, Southsea, tonight with support from Everybody Gets One and Becky Anderson, followed be a Wolf Cub Club afterparty until 2.30am. A few tickets (£3) may be available on the door at 8pm.

You can also catch them at Blissfields festival near Winchester from June 29 to July 1.

Watch their brand new video online at portsmouth.co.uk/video.