Thousands descend on park as community festival is a huge hit

ARMS UP Sue Bailey from Baadness. Picture Steve Reid Blitz Photography
ARMS UP Sue Bailey from Baadness. Picture Steve Reid Blitz Photography
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MUSIC lovers were spoilt for choice over the weekend as Gosport’s community festival came alive this weekend.

Thousands of people went to GosFest 2013 over the weekend, with more than 40 bands, fairground rides, shops and stalls.

Matt Holder, 36, of Salt Meat Lane, in Gosport, was with wife Kayleigh, 25, and two children – David, two, and 11-month-old Sophie.

‘It’s good. It should be more than an annual event, once a year isn’t enough,’ she said.

‘There are enough people in Gosport who like this event, it’s a big enough area.

‘This brings the community together.’

The Hoosiers headlined at Walpole Park but families also flocked to see local bands perform.

Proud dad Tony Groom, 54 of Southsea, was at the festival on Saturday to see his lead guitarist son Harvey, 17, perform with his band Lock ‘n’ Load.

Tony said: ‘It’s a good set-up here. It’s the first time I’ve been.

‘He’s got some record label interest and he’s on the edge of being signed, it’s exciting.’

Harvey said it was the first time he had performed at the festival, which has been previously known as Gosport Waterfront Community Festival.

The event this year has been organised by Dave Smith and the owner of Gosport Festivals Ltd, Paul Cobb.

Mr Cobb said: ‘It’s excellent. It’s particularly good for families in the afternoon.

‘The whole family can come over here for less than a tenner.’

Bands A Different Place, Lacey Love, The Jammers, and more will be playing today.

Tickets are just £1 between 1pm and 4.30pm and £2 after.