Tinie Tempah at Southampton Guildhall

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India Electric Company

Bringing the country into the city for folk duo India Electric Company's new project

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I love Tinie Tempah.

There I’ve said it. This reviewer’s laying his cards on the table.

So it will come as no surprise that I loved his show.

Three parts rave, two parts rock concert - it really was something to behold.

DC Charlesy whipped everyone up with a set of thumping crowd-pleasers, before, resplendent in white, Tinie appeared.

It was loud. Very loud. Not as loud as when Jay-Z made my insides wobble uncontrollably, but loud.

Back with a full band (who impressed throughout), and stunning visuals, he kicked off with a run through of Disc-overy.

No guest vocalists on the night, but the DJ mixed in the vocals of Ellie Goulding on Wonderman and Kelly Rowland on Invincible.

The crowd lapped up every song with Tinie giving them the perfect picture opportunity at the end of Snap.

And one punter even got a night to remember when she was pulled on stage and got to hold Tinie’s Brit awards aloft.

And so to the climax of the night. We all knew what was coming - the Holy Trinity of Written in the Stars, Frisky and Pass Out.

And what a way to finish.Written in the Stars, complete with rocktastic guitar solo, was the warm up act. Frisky got things really going.

But Pass Out was the star. The namecheck for Southampton in the the lyrics brought a predictable cheer before it ended with everyone bouncing around for the end when it all kicks in (even me - and that’s a collector’s item).

If I’m being picky, the lack of material showed with 10 minutes of the performance being taken up with a soundclash between his band and DJ. And, for me, there was a bit too much chat between songs - I’m interested, but not that interested.

But I forgive him. You should see him. Really, you should.