Tom Bertram at The Cellars, Eastney

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Trying not to pass judgement on someone who has admitted past cocaine abuse, I went to see Tom Bertram with an open mind.

The gig had been highly anticipated as the 20-year-old from Havant has turned his life around and has appeared at high-profile events. I struggled to understand what the crowd saw in the musician. Yes, he was pleasing on the eye and easy to watch but the songs he churned out were ordinary.

Dreary overused lyrics littered the set and when the band played together they had an almost Christian youth band sound.

Having said that, the set picked up when Tom took to the stage alone and performed acoustic songs. His version of Whatever by Oasis is a tribute to the fact that Noel Gallagher has asked them to play at his after-show party in a few weeks’ time.

Tom is a talented singer but maybe he should stick to the acoustic.