We Are Scientists a coup for Play Up Pompey Music festival

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Perhaps the biggest coup of Play Up Pompey Festival organisers was getting New York band We Are Scientists on board.

The gold-selling band play a sold-out show as part of the Pompey Supporters Trust fundraising festival at the Wedgewood Rooms on Tuesday.

We Are Scientists. Picture: James Perou

We Are Scientists. Picture: James Perou

The Wedge date is part of a short UK tour for the trio, which now includes former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, ahead of the release of their fifth and as yet untitled album.

They will also be playing a more intimate show at Pie & Vinyl in Southsea earlier in the day.

Proceeds from both gigs, and the rest of the fortnight-long festival, will go towards helping the trust buy a greater percentage of the club.

Organiser and Kill Kasper frontman, Jamie Kasper, says: ‘It’s a 16-day festival of music and comedy with 100-plus performers hosting 33 gigs in 20 venues all over the city.

‘Every artist is playing for free and every single penny we raise is going towards community shares in Portsmouth Football Club.

‘A lot of the shows are free too. This isn’t just about money. It’s more about galvanising support for the local team and giving others a chance to chip in for a share they might not be able to afford on their own.’

We Are Scientists got involved because their manager, Dave Cronen, is a Pompey supporter.

He says: ‘We had already booked in the Wedgewood Rooms show for the band, but I had been in contact with the Trust over the previous 12 months to see what I could do to help out.

‘We offered them an opportunity for somebody to meet the band, come to the soundcheck and to get some signed merch, as well as have collection buckets at the show and the Pie & Vinyl instore gig to raise funds.

‘I put this to the band when I was last in New York and they generously agreed to support it as I explained to them how important the club is to the city of Portsmouth and how unique it is to have the club part owned by the supporters.’

For tickets or more information on PUP events, see playuppompey.org.

Festival line-up

Tonight: U.S.E.D at Bar 56, £1, and C.O.R at Club EQ, £5

Sunday: Fest Fest (running Friday to Sunday) at The Festing, featuring Forest Floors, The Plans, Lucifer’s Gold, Red Seals, and Blackfoot Circle, free, and Reet Petite and Shep Wolley at Milton Village Hall, free

Monday: 21 Days, Platoon and Willy Carkeet at The Cellars at Eastney £5 ,and The Uncountables at The Fat Fox, £3

Tuesday: We Are Scientists at Pie & Vinyl, limites, and then the Wedgewood Rooms, sold out

Wednesday: Munroe Effect, Contra and Protein Window at the Edge of the Wedge, £5, and Sema Ertl and Vince Hilaire at The Wellington, £3

Thursday: Reactor 1, Zach Blues and DJ Ray Andrews at The 5th Hants, free
Friday, July 26: Kassassin Street, Kill Kasper, Carmen Rosa, Stray Bullets Kill, Paddy Taylor and the It’s A Sin DJs at the Wedgewood Rooms and Edge of the Wedge, £5

Saturday 27: Fake Fest featuring The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Paul Weller and Funktifino vs MLST at the Wedgewood Rooms, £8