Will you be good enough to get A Finger of Fudge?

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He’s the man responsible for writing the ridiculously catchy Build Me Up Buttercup and the mega-selling Handbags and Gladrags.

And as the voice of ’60s stars Manfred Mann, Mike d’Abo sang on evergreen hits like The Mighty Quinn and My Name Is Jack.

The Manfreds, with Mike D'abo, third from left, next to co-vocalist Paul Jones.

The Manfreds, with Mike D'abo, third from left, next to co-vocalist Paul Jones.

So what did he sing down the phone when he spoke with The Guide about his tour with The Manfreds? It was the Finger of Fudge advertising jingle he penned for Cadbury’s.

‘Both those songs I wrote in 1967,’ he says referring to Handbags and Buttercup, ‘and we’ll do them on the tour, by popular demand,

‘I give them the composer’s version. It raises a few eyebrows as it extracts a bit more meat from the song than has ever been done by anyone else. But apart from those songs, most people start singing the Finger of Fudge, which was one of the many jingles I wrote.

‘If people are being good I throw in 30 seconds and it gives them a laugh. If I’m feeling particularly flush I go out and buy 20 Fudges and throw them into the crowd.’

Mike will be at The Kings tonight, where he sings alongside Paul Jones, who he replaced in the group in 1966.

Mike recalls how he got the gig: ‘My little band, called a Band of Angels, the final record we made featured me as the singer because I had written it and they all agreed it suited my voice best – but I was actually the keyboard player who sang a bit.

‘We ended up doing a TV show called A Whole Scene Going, and the Manfreds were playing as well, and after we had done our bit, they kept on playing it back, and it featured me very heavily on the camerawork.

‘They thought I looked quite good, so Manfred came up and asked for my phone number, and a day or two later he rang and asked me out to lunch.

‘Over a long lunch they eventually got around to popping the question, but I was sworn to secrecy for a couple of months.’

Doors open 7.30pm, tickets from £23.50. Go to kingsportsmouth.co.uk