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The Beards
The Beards
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Do you feel strongly about facial hair?

It’s unlikely your passion goes as far as that of the Australian rock band unsurprisingly called The Beards.

Since forming nine years ago, they have released three albums exclusively on the subject, and on Wednesday they will be spreading the hirsute gospel at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea.

The Guide caught up with singer Johann Beardraven when the band were on tour in Germany recently.

‘They get excited about beards here, which is good for us,’ he enthused before revealing the band’s history. ‘We were a group of guys with beards – we weren’t a band as such. But there was something about the beards that inspired us to spread the word about beards.

‘It was a beardless time, a dark time in the history of beards. As our beards grew longer we discovered that our musical talents grew stronger too.’

However, in recent years, beards have become more fashionable, much to the four-piece’s delight – they’re even fine with overly-coiffed hipster face fuzz.

‘We’re all for the hipster beard, we think every beard is unique in its own way, whether it’s a big homeless man beard or a neat little trimmed hipster beard – they’re all good with us.’

And while the band want to spread the beardy love, their revulsion at the clean-shaven presents a dilemma.

‘We understand that every non-beard is still a potential beard,’ explains Johann. ‘We want to preach to the beardless, so obviously they have to come along to the gigs too.

‘We prefer it if they stand at the back and look away from the stage though so we don’t have to look at them.’

And as for women?

‘We don’t really buy into that thing about being unable to grow beards, in most instances they’re simply not trying hard enough.

‘If they don’t have one, wearing a fake beard is the next best thing – it’s better than nothing.’

The band are also offering a pair of tickets to Wednesday’s gig to the owner of the best beard among our readers.

Johann adds: ‘There’s a purpose in life that only a beard provides – we want everyone to grow a beard, not because they’re trying to get free tickets, but because it’s the right thing to do.’

Doors open 8pm, tickets cost £12. Go to

For the chance to win a pair of tickets to the gig, post your beardy pictures to the Portsmouth News Facebook group story about this, or email them to and the band will pick the winner.