ZenthetiX head into the Maelstrom with their new EP launch at Drift Bar, Southsea

Zenthetix. Photo by Elmer Maniebo
Zenthetix. Photo by Elmer Maniebo
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Hard-rocking Portsmouth quartet ZenthetiX are launching their blistering new EP Maelstrom with a gig at Drift tonight.

Priding themselves on their live shows, frontman Phil Stoker says: ‘Two summers ago we did Blissfields and a few other festivals, which was brilliant.

‘We’re never happier than when we’re on an open air stage. That’s when we’re at our absolute best and trying to change people’s mindsets about what we do.

‘We’ve played at festivals where there’ve been folk bands and indie bands – we’re not Anthrax, we’re not Pantera, but we are on the heavy side of things, and it’s lovely to have people come up to you and say I don’t normally like that kind of music but I really enjoyed your set.’

With pop and dance music again dominating the charts, ZenthetiX are hoping things will shift once more to a world more favourable to their sound.

‘That grunge era came from nowhere off the back of a time of some really bad music like 2Unlimited and Haddaway and suddenly everyone was looking at guitar bands again.

‘We want to be in a position, though, where if that does happen and if bands do come through, we’re in the right place to make the most of it.

‘It’s a big ambition, no question, but it’s doable, and very few people so far have heard that EP, but the response has been very good.’

Drift Bar, Southsea

Friday, March 4