Gosport teacher had a genius idea for inspiring her students ahead of exams

IF YOU only listen to one song today '“ make sure it's this one.

Saturday, 7th April 2018, 7:09 am
Updated Saturday, 7th April 2018, 2:41 pm

A music video designed to help youngsters with their exam revision has clocked up almost 1,000 views online.

Students from Brockhurst Primary School in Gosport created their own rendition of OneRepublic’s Counting Stars – swapping out the words for some key exam revision notes.

Teacher Sarah Cox came up with the idea – and the lyrics – to try and break up the stress of exam revision.

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She said: ‘The idea came to me while I was walking my dog one day.

‘I spoke to one of the other teachers about it and we wrote the whole thing that afternoon.

‘Year Six can be a bit of a slog with the SATs and can become quite boring, so I wanted to uplift the students while making revision more fun for them.’

The Year Six teacher says that not only were the students keen on the idea, but have been putting the lyrics into practice.

She said: ‘The children absolutely loved the idea of creating a music video.

‘It was still an educational process – the students got creative with storyboards for the parts they were in, and the rehearsals mean that the lyrics are now stuck in their heads.

‘It is at a point now where when the pupils get stuck, they sing the line to remind themselves of what to do.

‘Of course, they can’t sing in the actual exams, but I think the song has had a massively positive impact on them.

‘Everyone is really happy with how the video has turned out.’

It is hoped that the video will also be shared among other schools in the region ahead of this year’s SATs.

Sarah said: ‘I’ve never seen something like this myself before so hopefully it helps out pupils at other schools too.’