Guide Awards 2013: Best Comedy: Joe Wells

The Good Vibrations sign at Castle Field in Southsea. Picture: Shaun Roster

Huge ‘good vibrations’ sign is put up at Castle Field sparking Victorious Festival line-up speculation

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Joe Wells is a hard-working local comic and writer who runs the Havant Comedy Club at the Spring Arts & Heritage Centre.

Joe’s speciality is incisive political humour and he is currently preparing a crowd-funded one- hour debut show for the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh this year.

Joe Wells celebrates his win in the Best Comedy category at The Guide Awards.

Joe Wells celebrates his win in the Best Comedy category at The Guide Awards.

Joe said: ‘It’s good to win the Best Comedy award.

‘ I have been nominated for five years running and I have always been so close so it feels good!

‘It’s been a really good year for me.

‘A lot of opportunities have come up over the year so it’s been an exciting year.

‘There was some stiff competition in my category, James Alderson was brilliant, and Sean Collins.

‘Everyone I have seen is really good. Sean and James I know very well and they’re both fantastic.’

He added: ‘It’s good to have the vote of my peers. I know that what I do is not for everyone.

‘One of the things that was really exciting this year was realising – starting to do my own fringe shows and things like that – that as much as some Friday night audiences don’t like me at all, there is a section of the public that really like a man shouting about politics.

‘This year I’m working on my Edinburgh show and I’m previewing that around.

‘It’s called Night Of The Living Tories, it’s about the history of the Tory party and how horrible that is.’