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Henry Paker
Henry Paker
Sarah Earnshaw as Betty and Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Av 'Em. Picture by Scott Rylander

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If you like Mock The Week, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Ask Rhod Gilbert, chances are that Henry Paker will make you laugh.

He’s a regular joke writer for them all.

Ahead of his appearance in Southsea tonight, we found out what makes him tick.

n When did you first realise you were funny?

Like a lot of comics, I was the funny one at school. In fact, being funny was all I had to stop myself getting beaten up because of my puny body. I also used humour to get girls to like me, despite my puny body. And now I do jokes for a living, and all those boys who bullied me now have really well-paid jobs. Who’s laughing now?

n What would you be if you weren’t a comedian?

A cartoonist, because that is the other job I have. I have published two books of cartoons (Don’t Arm Wrestle A Pirate and Why Steve Was Late). The second book appeared in The Times and the first book has just been turned into animations voiced by Steve Coogan. You can see them here: bbc.co.uk/comedy/show/p00bc6kq/steve_coogans_101_really_bad_ideas/

n Which three things make you laugh?

A dog farting.

A human farting.

The plays of Oscar Wilde.

n What’s your favourite one-liner?

I intend to live forever, or die trying.

n Who’s your hero?

Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He managed to re-invent the sitcom... twice! Having a long career in this business is incredibly hard, but he has done it by being consistently brilliant.

n See Henry at the Wedge Comedy Club in Albert Road tonight, where he’s appearing alongside Paul Tonkinson and Joe K, with compere Dinga, from 7.30pm. Tickets cost £8 from (023) 9286 3911, wedgewood-rooms.co.uk or on the door at the Southsea venue.