Here's what it was like to be on Supermarket Sweep - Gosport sisters remember Dale Winton

HE was down to earth, friendly and a delight to be around.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th April 2018, 4:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 4:36 pm
Rosalind Anderson and Doreen Sparkes on Supermarket Sweep in 1993
Rosalind Anderson and Doreen Sparkes on Supermarket Sweep in 1993

That is the memory of two Gosport sisters who had the chance to spend some quality time with TV star Dale Winton in the 1990s.

Rosalind Anderson, 60, and Doreen Sparkes, 64, competed on Supermarket Sweep in 1993, when the show was just starting up.

The pair not only spent time with Dale on-air, but were lucky enough to have an in-depth chat with the presenter during a cigarette break.

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Dale Winton in 1997 Picture: Tony Harris/PA Wire

It was revealed last night that Dale Winton has died, age 62.

Rosalind said: ‘Doreen found out about the show and we went for an audition in London, before travelling up to Nottingham for the actual show.

‘Doreen was really good at the questions and I was super-quick around the supermarket, so we made for an excellent team.’

Combining their efforts, the two finished up with a total of £588.

Dale Winton in 1997 Picture: Tony Harris/PA Wire

But the highlight, they say, was meeting the man himself – and spending a surprising amount of time with him.

Doreen said: ‘We managed to collect the most shopping that anyone ever got on the show – so that’s something to be proud of.

‘We had a lovely lunch and Dale was very down to earth throughout. He sat down with us and we talked about our lives, what we were doing and so on.

‘He was no different off-camera than he was on it, and I feel very lucky to have met him.’

Rosalind said: ‘He was incredibly chatty; all three of us went for a smoke and just spent some time talking to one another. We were with him all day and the following morning – it was like making a new friend.

‘He was just a really nice person and we are genuinely devastated to hear that he’s gone. I think meeting him made it mean a bit more to us.’

Rosalind and Doreen split the £2,000 winnings, taking home £1,000 each, their blue sweatshirts and a Supermarket Sweep purse.

Rosalind spent the money on her son, while Doreen bought herself a new car.