'˜He's not my Prince Charming but I've made a great friend'

TRUE love hopeful Trudy Nelson may have discovered a friend in Fernandos, but her Prince Charming is still yet to be found.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 1:51 pm
Updated Sunday, 6th March 2016, 1:59 pm
Trudy Nelson with her Take Me Out date with Jon Picture: Thames Television

The 25-year-old emergency dispatcher from Portsmouth bagged herself a date with karate enthusiast, Jon, on ITV’s Take Me Out after previously being labelled one of the fussiest on the show.

However, after a day in the sun with her potential suitor, Trudy decided true love was not going to blossom on this occasion.

‘We had so much fun – we didn’t stop laughing throughout the whole of the date,’ she said.

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‘The show only showed the serious conversations we had, but in actual fact we had such a great time and we have so much in common.

‘We are both spiritualists and both have a lot of nerdy stuff in common – the whole day was amazing.’

But it looked like there was one thing missing from their otherwise perfect date.

‘I realised when we were horse riding that I like him so much – but just as a friend,’ said Trudy.

I kept thinking to myself “why don’t you like him like that?” but there just wasn’t any romantic spark there.’

Despite Jon’s initial attraction to Trudy, it seemed as though the feeling was mutual by the end of their sunset dinner.

‘I think he was attracted to me to begin with, he said to the producers that he was going to pick me in between filming.

‘I was the only one who didn’t comment on what he was wearing or what he looked like which is why I think he picked me.

‘There was more depth to my answers.

‘But I was relieved when we had a chat after the date and decided to just be friends.

‘He’s a funny, intelligent man and I adore him, but there just isn’t the romantic connection there.’

Trudy confesses that since the show she has been on a few dates, but she is not on the hunt for her ‘Mr Right’.

‘I have had a lot of messages since the show, but I am an independent person and have my own vintage clothing business alongside working full time so I am quite busy,’ she said.

‘I don’t need a man in my life, but I would be ready for a relationship if the right person came along.’

‘Jon and I have kept in touch, and we are going for dinner soon when I go to Oxford for a vintage clothing show.

‘The best part of the show definitely has been the amazing people I have