How Stokes Bay provided the inspiration for feel-good collaboration

IT'S an upbeat track that truly gets you in the mood for summer '“ but this collaboration of musical talent also shows how dear Stokes Bay is to the hearts of people across Gosport.

Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 6:29 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:03 pm
Stokes Bay in all its stunning glory. Picture: Martin Curtis

Ozone, a new single put together by RedLIPZ, focuses on the magical tranquillity of Stokes Bay and the various activities that people get up to there '“ from sailing to walking the dog and even doing yoga.

The song was written by Gethyn Jones, a Gosport resident and former BBC Radio Solent presenter.

Director of Portsmouth Urban Vocal Group, Amba Tremain, is the singer on the track, with Mike Hugg of Manfred Mann acting as producer '“ both of whom are from Gosport.

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Amba Tremain

Gethyn Jones says that the inspiration for the song came from his love of meditation and the idyllic backdrop that Stokes Bay provides for people in the town.

Gethyn said: '˜I have lived here in Gosport for most of my life, and have always loved coming down to Stokes Bay.

'˜A lot of song writers tend to sit down and meticulously plan what they are going to write about, but I have always been keen on things like meditation and tai chi.

'˜I wanted to write about something that meant something not only to me, but to other people in Gosport '“ I was walking along the bay one morning and realised that Stokes Bay is a great place to be.

'˜The view here is such a spectacular inspiration and it was while walking along the seafront that I decided to combine the two things.'

The music video also highlight's the beauty of Stokes Bay and the many things to see and do by the sea '“ showing how it helps you to '˜feel the ozone'.

Gethyn said: '˜The song and the music video are both a real celebration of Stokes Bay and what it gives people here.

'˜It's something everyone is really proud to have and is a very special place.

'˜As soon as this project started to gather steam I got Mike Hugg involved and we spent about six months working on it.

'˜Amba Tremain does a lot of different stuff and she sounds really good in this song.'

Ozone is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon '“ with the music video also up on YouTube with almost 1,000 hits.